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Pizza gathers a crowd ... a happy, smiling, ready to chow-down crowd! It's why so many love the convenience of popping in a fresh deli pizza. Family Finest pizza products deliver premium taste with the convenience of baking in your own home. Fresh is so much better than any frozen pizza you pull out of the freezer ... plus Family Finest pizza products are a great value. So go ahead and have a party, invite your friends and neighbors to the best deli fresh pizza around! It's easy when you ...

We are a leading manufacturer of quality food products for both Private Label and Store Brands, specializing in Take and Bake Pizzas, Breadsticks, Calzones, Cookie Dough and Scones. Our expert bakers and knowledgeable product development team use their passion for perfection to manufacture custom products for some of the country’s top retailers.

We are proud of our proven track record in developing product lines that fit the needs of grocery stores and foodservice customers. By using only the highest quality ingredients along with manufacturing flexibility, packaging design and customized formulas, we are able to deliver a quality product to meet your needs while increasing your profitability.

Contact us us today to see how Champion Foods can improve your current product line and increase your profitability with our unique Private Label Take and Bake Pizzas, Breadsticks, Calzones, Cookie Dough and Scones.

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