Family Finest Take N Bake Pizzas

Easy Meals to Keep Kids out of the Kitchen

trail mix

We all know that when it’s time for holiday dinner, your whole day is devoted to cooking. But that doesn’t stop your family from getting hungry while waiting for the feast to begin.

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Curb their pre-meal hunger with these simple and light meal ideas!


Skip a big breakfast and enjoy some easy and filling breakfast burritos. You can even make these in advance and freeze them. This way, all your family has to do is heat them up and enjoy!


If your kids love lunch, pre-make tuna or chicken salad. That way, while you’re cooking your holiday meal, they can make an easy sandwich or enjoy it as a snack with crackers.


Instead of munching on chips, make a delicious and easy trail mix for your family to enjoy. Mix together nuts, dried fruit and some chocolate chips for sweetness.

But the one thing that never fails is pizza! Family Finest Take-N-Bake Pizza is a simple and delicious way to keep your family full while you’re cooking the holiday dinner. Cut the pizza up into snack size pieces and serve with marinara sauce for a deliciously dippable snack they can enjoy while watching the game! Check out all of our delicious varieties!

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Family Finest Take-N-Bake Pizzas

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