Family Finest Take N Bake Pizzas

How to Make a Killer Pizza Bar

Make a killer pizza bar with Family Finest

It's Friday night. You come home, kick off your shoes, and search the fridge for something, anything you can feed your family. When you’re dog tired from a busy week at the office and night after night of running the kids from extra-curricular to extra-curricular, the last thing on your mind is spending the last of your precious energy standing over the oven.

Ditch the high-maintenance meal for one that promises ease and smiles across the board. It's pizza night! You (yes, the dedicated parent reading this blog) can put together a killer pizza bar that rivals that found in your favorite restaurant.

Get cooking with your favorite Take-N-Bake Pizza in four simple steps. It's easy to customize our Four Cheese, with a flavorful blend of mozzarella, asiago, romano and parmesan cheeses!

Tweet: Wondering how to get everyone to #dinner with smiles on their faces? This one #easy dish will make ‘em come running! you know that for children, dinnertime convos boost vocab even more than being read aloud to?

1. Choose your toppings. Include three meat options, three veggie options and three cheese options. Our favorites are classic pepperoni, sausage and chorizo (perfect for the adults) with fresh tomatoes, onions and spinach.

2. Prepare your ingredients. Crumble your sausage, dice your veggies and shred your cheese. Open your Take-N-Bake Pizza! Get your family involved in the prep work so that you can make the most of your time together. Family time starts before your food even hits the dinner table!

3. Ready, set, plate. Line your table or counter with bowls filled with each ingredient. Be sure to place your Family Finest Take-N-Bake Pizza at the head of the pizza bar for easy access!

4. Heat to eat. After your pizza has been topped to perfection, load it all into the oven. Heat and enjoy! Take a look at these three easy recipes to make the perfect meal ... Even your pickiest eaters won't be able to complain!

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Family Finest Take-N-Bake Pizzas

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