Family Finest Take N Bake Pizzas

Your Key to Family Fun In The Kitchen

The holidays are here, and you know what that means .... cooking, cooking and more cooking!

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This year, instead of letting your kids be glued to a TV, tablet or phone, let them be your Sous Chef! We have a few simple tips that will turn cooking into a family affair!

While whipping up your holiday goodies, allow your child to help by measuring out the ingredients. Then, once everything is ready to go, let them pour the ingredients into the bowls!

After pouring the ingredients into the bowls, your kids can lend a hand by mixing together all of the ingredients for you.

Preparing a side dish that involves fresh produce? Your kids can help by rinsing off the fruits and veggies that you’ll be cooking with. They can also help with the mashing!

If your dish needs a pinch of pepper or salt, measure the seasoning out and then let your child add the spice!

Lay out all silverware and plates you’ll need for dinner and then have your child help by setting the table.

Make cooking with your kids even more fun with some hilarious family-friendly jokes! Head over to our Pinterest page for some jokes that will crack up your kids!

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